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Taurrus LIVE Biological Mite Control

Control black and red mites in your terrarium or vivarium

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  • Black and red mite control treatment
  • Mites will feed then die in 2 - 3 weeks
  • A variety of treatments available
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This mite treatment is ideal for snakes, lizards and pet invertebrates' such as beetles or spiders, and can also be used for birds as well.

What makes Taurrus particularly useful is that it can be used in existing set ups eliminating the need to strip down an animals enclosure to apply. Either used as a preventative measure or as a treatment for a full blown mite infestation, Taurrus is a safe and natural control for unwanted mites. There is no risk of overdose and the more used the quicker the results.

  • Taurrus M can be used to treat an area of 0.5m squared for a mite infestation, or if being used to prevent a mite contamination can treat an area of 1m squared.
  • Taurrus L can be used for 5 treatments of an area of 0.5m squared when being used to combat a mite infestation, or if being used to prevent a mite contamination can treat 10 times that area.

There is also a dispenser tube available, which can be filled and then located anywhere within the vivarium, ideal for arboreal set ups, so they can be placed within the enclosure and allow the mites to crawl out and ensure the entire area is treated.

These mites feed on the black and red mites within the vivarium, and will die off around 2 - 3 weeks after they have all been destroyed. However, they will not touch the eggs of the mites, so we would recommend to do a secondary, precautionary treatment around 6 weeks later, to ensure that any hatching eggs are also dealt with.

PLEASE NOTE - these are live mites, and only have a shelf life of around 2-3 weeks once packaged, so these are sent directly from the suppliers to ensure freshness, and can therefore take 2 - 3 days to be delivered.

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