The Spider Shop Micro Burrow and Bowl

Non-porous burrows and bowls perfect for your spiderlings

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  • Made in the UK
  • Natural wood appearance perfect for any terrarium
  • Will not absorb any harmful bacteria as they are non-porous
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What is The Spider Shop Micro Burrow & Bowl?

The Spider Shop Micro Burrow and Bowl is a hide and bowl set perfect for spiderlings. This set is one of the few scaled down to perfectly suit juvenile spiders, and is a great choice as spiderlings require a small container or vivarium when they are very young, but most shelters and bowls are far too large for them, but these ones will fit right in to a very small enclosure.

These sets are available in 3 different styles:

  • Spiderling Burrow & Micro Bowl
  • Spiderling Cave & Micro Bowl
  • Spiderling Hide & Micro Bowl

Why should I buy one of these Micro Shelter & Bowl sets?

These Micro Shelter & Bowl sets are the perfect choice when deciding what to put in your spiderling enclosure, as they are perfectly scaled to suit the needs of young spiders and designed to fit into their container perfectly. It is important to provide shelter for your spiders to be able to hide in in times of stress, as without shelter they can become anxious as they have no secure, dark hiding spot, and could develop long-term health issues if subjected to too much stress. Having a shelter will prevent this, and it is often hard to find an enclosure to suit the needs of such small spiders, but the Micro Shelters are a solution to this issue. The water dish is also a great part of the set as it is also hard to find a bowl on a small scale, and a healthy, clean water source is essential. These sets are themed with a natural aesthetic, and will blend in well into most enclosures, with a beautiful simulated wood effect. The set is made of a completely non-porous and smooth resin, so it is very easy to clean and disinfect, whilst also not absorbing any harmful bacteria, so you know your spiderlings will be safe and comfortable.

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