The Spider Shop Spiderling Box

Durable plastic housing designed for your medium spiderlings

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  • Easily stackable so you can house more spiders
  • Provides good ventilation
  • Perfect for medium spiderlings
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What is The Spider Shop Spiderling Box?

The Spider Shop Spiderling Box is a small, durable plastic box ideal for housing for a medium spiderling. This box is well ventilated via the small air holes in the sides, and has a small hatch to make feeding and providing water quick and simple.

Key Features:

  • Stackable boxes to house all of your young spiders
  • Perfectly sized for medium spiderlings
  • Well ventilated container
  • Small hatch which opens for easy feeding
  • Secure and safe housing
  • Provides young spiders with a perfect sized home

Why should I buy The Spider Shop Spiderling Box?

The Spider Shop Spiderling Box is very easy to set up, simply just by adding a small amount of substrate and water, making it really simple for you to get started with your new spider home. The air holes in the side allow for the perfect amount of ventilation without too much airflow to dry out the moistened substrate. The Spiderling Box is very durable and designed perfectly to suit the needs of a young spider.

Why do I need a specific container for spiderlings?

Juvenile spiders need to be housed in a smaller container than adults, as a large container may make it harder for them to catch their food. Spiderlings are often also harder to spot in large adult containers, which can give them time to accidentally escape when a lid or hatch is open, or to sneak out of larger ventilation holes. It is important to note that this container is designed to be used temporarily whilst the spider is still a medium sized spiderling, as they will need to be moved to a large container relative to their size when they have grown, as keeping a larger spider in a small container can stunt their growth, causing future issues to their health.

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