The Spider Shop Arid Earth Tarantula Substrate

A great substrate for arid terrariums and habitats

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  • High-quality dry substrate for arid terrariums
  • Soft organic matter allowing natural burrowing
  • Replicates the habitats of desert tarantula and scorpions
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Arid Earth substrate from The Spider Shop is the ideal choice for desert species of Tarantula and Scorpion, such as terrestrial species from North American and South African areas, for example, Arizona Blonds, Green Bottle Blues or Desert Hairy Scorpions.

Ideal for burrowing, this features increased drainage to help keep the substrate dry in the top layers, and has been designed to replicate the natural environment for these species, reducing stress and promoting natural burrowing behaviours from them.

This is available in a 3ltr bag, and comes ready to use.

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