The Spider Shop Praying Mantis Starter Kit

A complete Praying Mantis care starter kit

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  • A complete starter kit for Praying Mantis care
  • Contains all the equipment needed
  • Faunarium and decor included
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The Spider Shop are invertebrate experts, and offer this complete kit that is perfect for Praying Mantids, complete with everything you need for your new addition.

Included within this Starter Kit is the ProMantis Small enclosure, which is ideal for young and small Praying Mantis, especially with both front and top access which is perfect for carrying out maintenance and feeding. The ProMantis enclosure comes flat packed and requires assembly on arrival. Also included is a coco fibre brick, which comes compacted and dry, and just needs water adding before use.

To complete the kit, The Spider Shop have included a Mantis Decor Kit, and an Atomiser Mister. The mister ensures your can easily provide the correct humidity level required by your mantis, with a super fine and gentle mist that won't hurt your small invertebrates. The Mantis Decor kit is what makes all the difference, providing them with the natural decoration to create the perfect habitat, ideal for climbing and hiding in, ensuring they can have the perfect environment.

This Kit Contains:

  • Pro Mantis Small Enclosure
  • Mantis Decor Kit
  • Coco Fibre Block
  • Atomiser Mister
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