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Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Stand

The perfect stand for your Zoo Med Repti Breeze, complete with handy storage shelf

At a glance...
  • Stand with convenient lower shelf
  • Build from a durable powder-coated steel structure
  • Easy to assemble
  • Available in 3 sizes to suit your Repti Breeze screen cage
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Available in 3 sizes to suit your ReptiBreeze, this stand allows you to easily locate your enclosure, and also comes with a storage shelf as well, ideal for locating your misting system reservoir or similar!

In a sleek black finish, this comes flat packed just like the ReptiBreeze itself and has a durable power-coated steel structure.

Small/Medium - fits NT10 (40x40x50cm) and NT11 (40x40x76cm)

Large - fits NT12 (46x46x92cm)

Extra Large - fits NT13 (61x61x122cm)

Zoo Med also does a range of substrate trays for the bottom of your ReptiBreeze.

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