Zoo Med Terrarium Moss

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A fantastic top-level substrate for humid terrariums, Zoo Med Terrarium Moss is incredibly absorbant and releases moisture slowly when heated to generate greater humidity levels for the health of rainforest reptiles.


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Product Information

Zoo Med Terrarium Moss is a completely natural moss substrate that can be used for frogs, toads, salamanders and all other amphibians and wetland environment reptiles.

It is an attractive terrarium decoration and also safe and practical for your pet.

It is an excellent egg-laying and incubation medium for a variety of reptiles.

Zoo Med Terrarium Moss 1.8l (Medium)Makes approx 10 Gal - CF2-M
Zoo Med Terrarium Moss 4.1L (X-Large)Makes approx 30-40Gal - CF-2X

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