Arcadia Euro Range T8 Forest 5% Lamp

Ensure your rainforest reptile gets just the right level of UVB

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  • T8 fluorescent UV tube lights
  • Available in a range of Sizes
  • 9 month lifespan
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For reptiles who don't quite need the same level of sun exposure as desert reptiles, but still require a tropical level of UV light to maintain their skeletal structures, the Arcadia Euro Range Forest UV Lamp provides a stable and effective 5% UVB light.

Perfect for Iguanas, skinks and chameleons, the UVB light emitted by this high-quality T8 Fluorescent tube helps them synthesise the Vitamin D3 they need to absorb the calcium in their diet, helping to fend off MBD and grow a healthy skeleton.

They come in range of lengths, able to fit into a range of vivariums or terrarium canopy tops and have an average lifespan of around 9 months - 3 extra months longer than most other leading brands!

  • T8 Fluorescent UV Strip Light
  • Arcadia superior quality
  • Range of Sizes
  • UVA & UVB Light
  • Helps health of reptile
  • 5% UVB
  • 9 Month lifespan


Product Diameter kWh/1000h
Euro Range Forest 15w 42cm/18 inch T8 Ø26mm 19
Euro Range Forest 18w 60cm/24 inch T8 Ø26mm 22
Euro Range Forest 25w 75cm/30 inch T8 Ø26mm 31
Euro Range Forest 30w 90cm/36 inch T8 Ø26mm 36
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