Exo Terra Electrolyte Supplement 120ml

Boost and balance the electrolyte levels in your reptile's body

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  • Electrolyte and vitamin D3 supplement that optimises hydration
  • Supports healthy appetite and activity
  • Supplies a source of energy and provides important nutrients
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Electrolytes are important to your reptile, and make up a large portion of their bodily fluids, and your reptile can lose them when dehydrated or if they are under stress - use Exo Terra Electrolyte Supplement to boost their levels!

Without electrolytes, containing Ions comprising of Sodium Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium, your reptile can suffer, struggling to perform basic bodily functions, but feeding your reptile this Supplement can help balance their levels, with added Vitamin D3 to allow them to absorb the calcium more easily, helping them build strong skeletal structures.

If you reptile has been unwell, add this to their diet to optimise their hydration, allow rejuvenation of bone and muscle strength, promote general health and wellbeing and give them an extra dose of the vitamins and minerals they need to get well again.

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