Exo Terra NANO Daylight LED

Daylight LED bulb for nano or mini terrariums

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  • Energy efficient daylight LED spot light
  • Ideal for smaller terrariums, providing small power
  • 5 W bulb great for providing light without heat
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The energy efficient Exo Terra Daylight LED Spot NANO emits a high visible light level, which is ideal to illuminate smaller terrariums, like the Exo Terra Natural terrarium NANO or MINI. The Daylight LED Spot NANO is perfect to create a natural daytime light cycle for small or hatchling reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates and also is ideal to stimulate plant and moss growth in planted bioactive terrariums.

The high visible light levels contribute to the physiological well being of your animals and lets them experience and perceive colours from their environment more naturally. The small dimension of this Daylight LED Spot NANO is perfect for use with the Exo Terra Reptile Dome NANO; a fixture specifically designed for use on NANO and MINI terrariums.

Key Features :

  • Energy efficient daylight LED for use with the Exo Terra Reptile Dome NANO
  • Perfect for use with the Exo Terra NANO & MINI terrariums
  • High visible light levels
  • Stimulates live plant and moss growth
  • Improves the animal's perception of its environment
  • Enhances animal and plant coloration
  • 5W
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