F10 Antiseptic Solution Ready to Use with Trigger Spray

A quick reptile-safe antiseptic spray treatment

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  • A reptile-safe antiseptic spray
  • Suitable for most reptiles and exotic pets
  • Pre-diluted and ready to use
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When you need a quick bit of antiseptic for your reptiles, this is a great solution. As it’s pre-mixed, it’s easy to simply grab and go.

What is F10 Antiseptic Solution Ready To Use With Trigger Spray?

The F10 Antiseptic Solution Ready To Use With Trigger Spray is a pre-mixed reptile-safe disinfectant with a spray head for easy application. The solution is ideal for cleaning wounds and disinfecting invasive equipment, such as sexing probes. The spray creates a fine mist of disinfectant which will air dry easily and get into difficult-to-reach areas. The disinfectant kills a range of pathogens including both fungal and bacteria spores.

How do you use this antiseptic solution?

The solution and spray head are ready to use straight away. You can use the spray for a wide range of applications, including wound irrigation and treatment. It is key, however, that you see a trained vet if your animal has been injured. Your vet will be able to inform you about using this antiseptic and whether it is right for your animal and its condition.



Brand F10
Weight 1.3kg
Uses Wound irrigation and treatment, treating abscesses, large volume lavage, soaking of surgical swabs, treating respiratory conditions, sinus and nasal flushing, oral use and skin, scale and feather decontamination
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