Komodo Bearded Dragon Dusting Powder - 75g

Give your bearded dragons all the vitamins and minerals they need

At a glance...
  • Nutritious diet supplement for bearded dragons
  • Food addition or livefood dusting
  • Contains vitamin A, D3 and E as well as calcium and spirulina
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Prepare your Bearded Dragon's food with a little more nutrition by dusting their food with Komodo Bearded Dragon Dusting Powder, increasing the nutrients of the live food.

For best results, apply it to your feeder insects by placing some in a freezer bag with the insects and while keeping a good hold on the top of the bag, shake it a little to evenly coat the insects. Vitamins contained in the powder are A, D3 and E, all essential to allowing your Bearded Dragon to thrive in captivity.

Each ground bottle of dust contains kelp, pure marigold, Spirulina along with plenty of calcium carbonate for bone growth and development.

At a glance:

  • Part of a complete holistic diet
  • Dust on live food for best results
  • Perfect for both juvenile and adult Bearded Dragons
  • Natural ingredients
  • Contains vitamins and calcium for maintaining health and growth
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