Komodo Dimming Thermostat 600w

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Komodo's Dimming Thermostat 600w can easily handle most reptile heating bulbs effectively, helping you achieve a more accurate temperature inside your vivarium or terrarium,


  • Thermostat Dimming 600w
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Product Information

With a design exclusive to Komodo, this 600w Komodo Dimming Thermostat is superb at handling single heating equipment in your reptile's terrarium or vivarium. A dimming thermostat, it uses the efficient and remote sensor attached to it to carefully measure the temperature inside your reptile housing and adjust the intensity of your reptile heating equipment accordingly, thus ensuring the right temperature for your reptile.

Heat is very important for your reptile, allowing them to metabolise correctly and effecting many other aspects of their biology, and while it is possible to maintain the correct temperature for your particular reptile species by operating the equipment yourself, however this is time consuming and very difficult.

Instead you can trust your reptile's heating to this Komodo Dimming thermostat, capable for running anything from heat spot lamps, ceramic heaters and heat mats up to 600w.

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