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  • Natural straw substrate for tortoises
  • High-quality, dust-free and 100% natural
  • Ultra-absorbent and easy to clean
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An outstanding terrain for large snakes, Horsfields tortoises and Mediterranean tortoises.

What is Komodo Straw Terrain?

Komodo Straw Terrain is a naturally soft substrate made from straw terrain pellets for tortoises and snakes. The substrate is virtually dust-free as it is made from 100% natural straw that has been hardened and had any fine particles removed. This is very important for snakes and tortoises as their mouths and noses are close to the ground, meaning they can inhale a lot of dust, dirt and other fine particles. The pellets come in a 12-litre bag and are suitable for either dry or humid environments.

How do you use Komodo Straw Terrain?

These sustainable and bio-degradable pellets should be added alone or with suitable tortoise soil to create a soft substrate for your enclosure. The substrate should be 1-2 inches deep, we recommend about one 12-litre bag of substrate for every square foot of your enclosure. Add the substrate slowly and then spread it across your enclosure until it is even.

How do you maintain Komodo Straw Terrain?

This is a bio-degradable substrate and it will swell up in the presence of waste material. We recommend checking for soiled pellets daily. If any soiled pellets are present, simply remove them and top up the terrain until it is even again.



Composition 100% natural straw
Brand Komodo
Volume 12 litres
Suitable for Bearded dragons, large snakes, Horsfields tortoise and Mediterranean tortoise.
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