Microclimate B1ME Thermostat

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The MicroClimate B1ME Thermostat is a dimming thermostat for light-emitting reptile bulbs. It is designed to regulate candescent reptile heaters - and in an upgrade from the B1 allows for automatic changes at night time


  • B1ME Magic Eye Thermostat
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Product Information

A famously reliable dimming thermostat, the MicroClimate B1ME Thermostat both dims and brightens light-emitting reptile bulbs according to the temperature within your reptile's terrarium or vivarium, keeping things as close to the best temperature as possible.

Perfect for the accurate regulation of candescent reptile heaters, the Microclimate B1ME Thermostat is an upgrade from the original B1 and allows for automatic changes at night time, courtesy of the Magic Eye that senses the need to simulate nocturnal temperatures.

Perfect for nocturnal animals that need a proper day/night cycle, the B1ME is a favourite for keepers of leopard geckos, tortoises and snakes, however keepers of animals that need a higher temperature (bearded dragons and uromastyx) should opt for the high temperature version, the B1ME High Temperature.

The Magic Eye that detects when night temperatures are appropriate can be set to different light intensities too, and the unit itself can manage light emitting heat devices in vivariums or terrariums up to 600W.

Technical specifications:

  • 1 metre Electrical Cable
  • 1.5 metre Temperature probe wire

At a glance:

  • Reliable Dimming proportional thermostat with "magic eye"
  • Ideal for heat sources up to 600 watts
  • Daytime temperatures between 19 - 35 C, night time drop range 0 - 25 C
  • Great for light-emitting heat bulbs
  • Tamper proof temperature setting, power light and heat light
  • Easy to use to install - plug in.
  • Adjustable Night time settings
  • Should be used in conjunction with a digital thermometer for extra reliability

For more intense heat emitters, you should upgrade to the B1ME High Temperature model which works with heat bulbs up to 45 degrees.

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