HabiStat Tall Terrainium

Tall, reptile terrainium for snakes and Leopard geckos

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  • Preassembled tall terrainium for snakes, Leopard geckos and other reptiles
  • Features ventilation holes, a hinged lid with clip locks
  • Available in a variety of sizes
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A tall terrainium ideal for housing fully grown snakes, such as Corn snakes, terrestrial Leopard geckos and many more reptile species.
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What is HabiStatTall Terrainium?

HabiStat Tall Terrainium is a preassembled reptile terrainium available in four sizes in a traditional Oak finish to blend seamlessly into your home decor. Ideal for housing snakes, terrestrial geckos and many more species that require extra height, the enclosure will allow you to create an environment that is similar to the one your pet is used to in the wild. Quick and easy to set up, HabiStat Tall Terrainiums are made from heat-retaining wood and high-quality glass to enhance the visibility of your reptile.

What are the features of reptile terrainiums?

HabiStat Tall Terrainiums are perfect for small snakes such as Corn snakes and lizards, such as Leopard geckos. With a hinged lid, they can be easily opened from the top for easy access and cleaning. These reptile terrainiums also feature secure clip lock catches on the lid to prevent accidental escapes.

A double-layered glass base makes it easy to install a heat mat, and the polystyrene layer ensures that heat from the mat is projected into the terrarium. The terrainium features offset ventilation holes on both sides and are fitted with a rubber grommet on the rear for inserting a thermostat probe without drilling. With a glass roof and a glass panel at the front, each terrainium offers superb views of your reptile.

What else do I need to set up my terrainium?

To make creating the perfect environment for your reptile as easy as possible, we stock a wide range of reptile supplies, from reptile lighting so your pet can benefit from UVB light to synthesising vitamin D3 to reptile substrate that will replicate the native habitat of your animal and encourage natural behaviours like burrowing. When decorating your reptile enclosure you’ll need to consider the needs of your reptile. Some reptiles enjoy lower branches to climb and plenty of foliage. Hiding caves also provide your pet with a safe space to feel secure and even shed skin.

Colour Oak

    L:46 x D:29 x H:25cm

    L:61 x D:38 x H:30cm

    L:76 x D:38 x H:30cm

    L:90 x D:38 x H:30cm

Material Wood, glass
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