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Help and advice on shopping for: Reptile Terrainiums

Show off your scaly friend

Get an incredible view of your reptile, amphibian or invertebrate with a reptile terrainium. Terrainiums are an alternative type of enclosure, suitable for smaller animals, that offers a fantastic 360-degree view. Find the perfect terrainium in our range with lots of models from leading brands like VivExotic.

What are reptile terrainiums?

Terrainiums are a great style of enclosure to showcase terrestrial species. Each terrainium offers fantastic views of your reptile with several glass walls and a glass roof. They come equipped with an area for a heat mat to go safely on the bottom, and also feature secure lock latches. These enclosures are great for small snakes and ground lizards, such as Leopard Geckos.

Why should I buy reptile terrainiums?

Reptile terrainiums are compact enclosures suitable to small species that require dry heat - as terrainiums are made of wood that can warp when exposed to high humidity. If your pet would be comfortable in one of these enclosures they are a brilliant choice thanks to the spectacular views and protection they afford. If your pet is too large or requires a high heat we recommend browsing our terrarium and vivarium selections.

What are the main types of reptile terrainiums?

The variation in reptile terrainiums is mostly in size. Terrainiums range from small 86x39cm enclosures up to larger 115x45cm models. Only very small reptiles and invertebrates should be kept in the smallest enclosures while medium reptiles and snakes will be comfortable in the largest models.

What should I look for?

We recommend doing plenty of research when buying a terrainium, they really only cater for smaller animals that enjoy a high heat with low humidity. Ensure the species you’re looking to home will be comfortable with the amount of space in the enclosure and will be able to have everything it needs before making a purchase.

What accessories should I buy with a terrainium?

Terrainiums feature a large area to embed a heat mat, this is because they don’t have room for any other lighting or heating, so you will need to grab a heat mat to keep the enclosure at the right temperature for your pet. Past heat mats, the needs of your pet will dictate what accessories and hardware you pick up including substrate and feeding accessories.