Reptile Substrates

Research is important when you come to selecting your reptile's substrate. The temptation to choose something that looks amazing but doesn't care for your reptile in the right way if often present, although with the range here at Swell, that shouldn't be a problem.

The best way to do it is to try and reflect the natural environment your reptile would have, right down to humidity and heating - both of which are effected by your choice of substrate!

Desert Substrates are the best options for desert adult reptiles - simple! Reptiles like Bearded Dragons and leopard geckos are evolved to dry environments, and so you want to give them a desert substrate that will allow the quick evaporation of any moisture that can then leave the vivarium through the vents, keeping humidity to a minimum.

Rainforest reptiles, such as Crested Geckos, Tree Frogs and Salamanders, on the other hand, thrive in environments with high humidity levels. In the rainforest, regular rain soaks the ground, which slowly releases the large quantities of water as the temperature rise, increasing the humidity levels, and this should be true of your rainforest terrarium too, so choose an absorbent substrate that will retain lots of moisture.

A more specialised kind of substrate are those known as Incubator Substrates - they have insulating properties, keeping essential warmth close to you reptile eggs to aid their development.

Whatever you are caring for, whether it is a lizard, snake or arachnid, you are bound to find the right substrate in this section, at a better price and with fast delivery options. We stock major brands of substrate, like Zoo Med, Lucky Reptile and even our own Swell Premium brand, saving your even more money!