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Reptile Cage Carpets

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Help and advice on shopping for: Reptile Cage Carpets

Provide comfort underfoot

Reptile cage carpet offers a thick plush substrate for your reptiles comfort. We carry a variety of carpets from Komodo and Extra Terra that are suitable for snakes, lizards and tortoises.

What are reptile cage carpets?

Artificial substrate like reptile cage carpet is preferred by reptile keepers who worry about the risk of impaction from loose substrates or choking hazards posed by larger particle substrates. A cage carpet works the same way as carpet in your home. It's a solid, flat piece of carpet with a natural appearance and feel that your reptile will enjoy, but it does not pose any ingestion hazards.

Why should I buy reptile cage carpets?

Reptile cage carpets can be used for a huge variety of species, including Leopard geckos, and is especially useful for quarantine or treatment, as it can be easily washed and replaced. The carpet is absorbent to take away initial smells, and can be brushed clean of dry debris regularly, or even hoovered if required.

What are the main types of reptile cage carpets?

We carry a collection of 'cut to size' mats that fit to the bottom of your reptile terrarium or vivarium to provide a great base for your rep without the maintenance of real substrates. In our reptile cage carpets category, you will find sand carpets, which are textured mats coloured to replicate natural sand, and allow your reptile to grip like it would normally do. There are also great soft and subtle green carpets available in a variety of sizes that tend to hold moisture.

What should I look for?

All of our carpets are soft with an absorbent surface that is gentle on your reptile's belly. You can find them in different sizes, so be sure to buy enough to cover your enclosure floor.