Reptile Feeding Equipment

Whatever reptile you need to cater for, we are sure to have just what you need to ensure that feeding your reptile is fed simply, safely, easily and cleanly.

Most of the top manufacturers of reptile supplies are represented in our reptile feeding selection, including big brands like Komodo and Exo Terra, as well as Swell's superb range of products at budget prices, you can be sure of great performance and quality at a fantastic price.

Remember! Always wash your hands after feeding and handling your reptile and to take extra precautions with young children to avoid the risk of salmonella.

Every reptile needs a constant supply of fresh, clean water to survive. Just like us, they need water to perform respiratory functions and to generate energy, and while some get most of the water they need from their food (like some desert dwelling reptiles), others need a large body of water handy to drink from or even bath in. Swell Reptiles stock a number of different water dishes in various shapes, sizes and colours to cater for each type of reptile, whatever their age, size or species and the type of environment they live in, allowing you to look after your reptile's health while maintaining the overall look of their habitat.

Reptile Feeding dishes can be just as important for some species too! Many reptiles, including Bearded Dragons are omnivorous and can be extremely messy eaters, so leaving fresh fruit and veg lying on their substrate can mean that plenty of their nutritional portions can get lost, or even worst your reptile can end up trying to consume substrate (as can sometimes happen with Beardies), causing health problems. Getting a suitably sized feeding bowl then becomes essential, giving your reptile a clean and substrate-free place to eat their food!

Livefood Feeders work in a similar way to normal feeding dishes - keeping substrate away from your reptile's digestive tract. They allow your reptile to access to the livefood such as mealworms, but prevent any livefood from escaping and becoming lost in the substrate - perfect for messy eaters.

For snake owners in particular, Feeding Forceps are often a must. Simply providing your snake with a defrosted mouse of rat may not tempt them unless movement is involved, triggering their hunting instincts. Correctly used, forceps allow you to mimic life in your snake's "prey", causing them to strike at their food and exhibit their natural feeding behaviour while keeping your hands at a safe distance from getting bitten!

Whatever your reptile's feeding needs, you are sure to find something to suit both you and your wallet here at Swell Reptiles, with Next Working Day Delivery options available too!

At Swell Reptiles, we stock a wide range of fantastic reptile feeding equipment. A quick browse below will give you a fantastic choice of everything you might need from reptile feeding forceps to food and water bowls designed specifically for reptiles of different shapes and sizes. Our buyers and reptile experts have put a lot of thought into the selection we offer, giving you peace of mind when you buy from Swell, knowing that you are getting the best, all for less.