Swell Reptiles Glass Terrainium

A brilliant enclosure for terrestrial hatchlings and invertebrates

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  • Glass Terrainium for hatchlings and invertebrates
  • Dark sides and mesh lid for comfort and ventilation
  • Raised corner feet and glass base for heat mats
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This is the ideal choice for hatchling snakes as it gives them plenty of space to explore while still feeling safe.

What is the Swell Reptiles Glass terrainium?

The Swell Reptiles Glass Terrainium is an outstanding temporary enclosure for reptile hatchlings and invertebrates. Unlike most terrariums and terrainiums that are made of wood, this model is made of glass with a metal mesh top, offering incredible ventilation and a suitable opening for UV light to pass through. The terrainium comes pre-built, so you don't need to worry about following difficult assembly instructions, and is easy to maintain. It makes a fantastic addition to any reptile keeper's collection and is a great gift for any reptile lover.

Please note: Any decor items shown in the images above are for demonstration purposes only and do not come with the product.

What are the benefits of a terrainium?

Terrainiums are enclosures designed for temporary reptile display, transport or hatchling housing. Almost all terrainiums are made from wood with glass windows, preventing the use of UV lighting and reducing ventilation. This model overcomes both of these issues and has several more features to benefit reptile keepers.

In the box, you will find a smart clip for securing the enclosure and ensuring no animals escape or endanger themselves. The sides and the back are blacked out to prevent multiple enclosures from seeing each other and becoming stressed. Moving to the bottom of the enclosure, it sits on raised feet and has a glass base to accommodate a reptile heat mat, specifically this model is designed to work with the Swell Heat Mats.

How do I set up a terrainium?

This terrainium comes pre-built, so there's no need to worry about assembly. Instead you can focus on filling it with plants, decor and the right substrate for your pet. Depending on the species you are keeping you may also need reptile heating and lighting which you can pick up from our range of options.

How do I maintain this terrainium?

Terrainium maintenance is pretty straightforward. Regularly remove any soiled substrate and keep it topped up. Disinfect the enclosure occasionally with a reptile-safe disinfectant to ensure everything is nice and clean. Alternatively, you can create a bio-active enclosure that will require little in the way of cleaning.



Dimensions 50cm x 30cm x 15cm
Brand Swell
Colour Black
Material Glass and metal
Locking mechanism Safety lock included
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