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FLASH SALE - Get 10% off with code: FLASH

Swell Premium Nano Habitat

The ideal nano habitat for tarantulas and scorpions

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  • Premium nano habitat for tarantulas and scorpions
  • Mesh canopy offers constant ventilation
  • Built in lock prevents animals from escaping
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This flat packed glass habitat is easily built at home, and measures at 50 x 30 x 35cm. It features a mesh top lid for ventilation, which slides out for easy access. Once built up, the edges for a seal, to make it suitable for humid environments.

It comes with a plastic tray to sit perfectly in the bottom, making the bottom inch water tight, meaning it can be used with bioactive set ups, with a small water reservoir in the bottom. The glass all the way around gives great viewing, especially for burrowing species, such as some tarantulas, where you can see exactly what they are up to.

The mesh lid slides out by simply lifting the front edge slight, and locks down when pushed in. The feet elevate the unit slightly off the ground, meaning it is suitable to put a heat mat underneath, when used with a thermostat, to provide optimum heat.

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