ProRep Terrascaping Resin Colour Pigment

Create unique decorations in your enclosure

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  • Realistic and natural-looking coverage
  • Can add more, less, or mix powders for the desired shade
  • Can be added to decorations to create a unique feel
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What is ProRep Terrascaping Resin Colour Pigment?

ProRep Terrascaping Resin Colour Pigment is a powdered pigment that is used with sealing resin to create unique decorations in your enclosure.

Key Features

  • Create unique decorations
  • Use with Sealing Resin
  • Mix different shades to create a unique colour
  • Can add different amounts of pigment for different shades
  • Available in 4 colours

How do you use this resin?

After a structure is created with expanding foam or polystyrene, the Resin Colour Pigment is designed to be mixed with Terrascaping Sealing Resin, which is necessary for waterproofing. 

You can mix shades and experiment with the amount of pigment to create a unique shade and create the perfect enclosure.

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