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Reptile Foggers

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Help and advice on shopping for: Reptile Foggers

Reptile foggers help and advice

Create a thick and humid mist

Humidity can be an essential aspect of a reptile, amphibian or invertebrate enclosure, too high and animals will struggle to breathe, too little and they will be unable to perform many biological processes. To help make your pet as comfortable as possible we’ve created a range of superb reptile foggers featuring products from leading reptile brands like Exo Terra, HabiStat and Lucky Reptile.

What are reptile foggers?

Reptile foggers are special pieces of hardware designed to increase the humidity within an enclosure by producing a misty fog. Most reptile foggers work by slowly vapourising a tank of water, turning it into a steamy mist before adding it to the enclosure. Reptile foggers are particularly good for tropical enclosures requiring very high humidity levels. Like all humidity hardware, reptile foggers should be used in conjunction with a humidity gauge or hygrometer.

Why should I buy reptile foggers?

If you have a reptile or amphibian that requires a very high humidity enclosure, reptile foggers are ideal. Reptile foggers are pretty easy to maintain, as they only need to have their water topped up, and don’t cost too much, depending on the size and brand of the fogger. Foggers also create a great aesthetic that can be very visually appealing. Reptile foggers will last for years at a time, as long as they are properly maintained with spring water, making them a great investment.

What are the main types of reptile foggers?

The biggest division in reptile foggers is the size of the tank. The bigger the tank of a reptile fogger the longer you can wait between water top-ups. Another split in the range is between the foggers that have their own water reservoirs and those that instead need to be placed in an external reservoir. You will also find replacement parts in this range to help you maintain your fogger and keep it running for longer.

What should I look for?

When buying a reptile fogger you must first check that it is capable of meeting your pet’s needs. Research your pet thoroughly and ensure that you know exactly the amount of humidity it needs to be happy and healthy. If you are still struggling to choose, pick a fogger with a larger tank, built-in timer or more efficiency, to either reduce the number of top-ups or impact your energy bills.