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Dimming Thermostats

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Help and advice on shopping for: Dimming Thermostats

Dimming thermostats help and advice

Control your basking lamp

Basking lamps take up the role of the sun in your terrarium or vivarium, so they shouldn’t just turn on and off but slowly get more intense and then fade. Our range of dimming thermostats are designed to recreate the rising and setting of the sun with high-quality hardware from manufactures like Exo Terra, Habistat and Komodo.

What are dimming thermostats?

Dimming thermostats are specially designed thermostats that work with basking bulbs to recreate the natural light of the sun throughout the day. Over a day, the dimming thermostat will steadily increase the brightness and heat of the basking bulbs until it reaches the heat you have set, at which point it will start to decrease the light and heat until it loses the temperature and then starts brightening again. This recreates basking spots in the wild, minimising confusion and stress on your pet.

Why should I buy dimming thermostats?

Dimming thermostats are the best way to manage basking lamps. These thermostats protect your pet from overheating and control the temperature in an enclosure in a more natural way than standard on/off thermostats. Most dimming thermostats are a little pricey but they pay off, promoting the health and happiness of your reptile, amphibian or invertebrate.

What are the main types of dimming thermostats?

Dimming thermostats all allow you to increase and decrease the intensity of basking lamps but they vary in a few key ways. Some dimming thermostats come with analogue controls which must be altered manually while others have a digital screen for you to use. The more advanced dimming thermostats can run several dimming patterns and manage other devices to recreate day-night cycles even more naturally.

What should I look for?

When choosing between dimming thermostats the main thing to consider is how much you want to invest as the more that you put into your dimming thermostat the more you’ll get from it. When setting your dimming thermostat, check the conditions in your pet’s native habitat and try to recreate it as closely as possible.