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Help and advice on shopping for: Live Calci Worms

A reptile pick-me-up

Live Calci worms are beloved in the reptile keeping community for their ability to deliver fat, protein and calcium to ill or underweight reptiles. While not suitable for every meal, they make for a fantastic dietary supplement that will encourage superb bone growth. They are a particularly good choice for a baby Bearded dragon or birds during the breeding season.

What are Calci worms?

Calci worms are the larva of the Black soldier fly. As grubs they contain all the fat and protein for rapid growth, however, what makes this species particularly special is its high levels of calcium, which make it perfect for supporting the growth of bones in lizards, such as Bearded dragons. Live Calci worms often get used to feed malnourished or ill reptiles to give them a general nutritional boost.

Why should I buy live Calci worms?

Calci worms are some of the easiest live food to keep, requiring almost no maintenance beyond a little food. They are quite cheap and nutritious when used as part of a balanced diet with other supplements and live food, you can even gut load them to deliver extra nutrition to your Bearded dragons and other pets. Calci worms are particularly beneficial to ill reptiles and may be recommended by a vet if they feel it will help strengthen your pet.

Are Calci Worms as good as Mealworms?

Calci worms are often suggested as a substitute to Mealworms as they offer a similar nutritional value and are softer, making them well suited to juvenile reptiles. A Calci worm can be safely fed to reptiles of any age and are packed full of nutrients, which you can further enhance if you gut load these insects. Large Calci worms can even offer more nourishment than mealworms, making them a better choice in some circumstances.

How long do Calci worms last?

Our Calci worms are sent via Royal mail from our distributor on a next-day-delivery service to you. This means that they arrive fresh and should last a few months before undergoing metamorphosis and turning into Black soldier flies. Black soldier flies can still be used as a reptile feed and are particularly good for arboreal geckos and frogs.

Do you need to dust Calci worms?

Yes, although Calci worms have a very high calcium content, they still need to be dusted to offer the full range of nutrients your reptile needs. Dusting delivers multivitamins, magnesium and much more to your pet. The best Calci worm feed is one with dusting and gut loading to deliver complete nutrition.

What are the main types of Calci worms for sale?

We sell Calci worms in two ways; pre-packed and bulk. Pre-packed Calci worms are specially selected to be a specific size, so you can pick the right size for your pet. Bulk Calci worms are sold in massive quantities, perfect for feeding a large group of pets.

What should I look for?

It’s important to ensure that you have everything you need to keep your Calci worms, including feed storage, food for your Calci worms and any supplements you want before making a purchase.