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Help and advice on shopping for: Rankin's Dragon Starter Kits

The perfect home for a Rankin's Dragon

Rankin's Dragons are fantastic reptile pets, especially for children or beginners. They have all the great qualities of Bearded Dragons, including being easy to handle and having very unique personalities, but they are much smaller, around 12" in total, which makes them ideal for those with a limit in available space. To help you create a great home for your new scaly soulmate we stock a series of high-quality starter kits packed full of everything you need to make your Rankin's Dragon happy.

What are Rankin's Dragon starter kits?

Rankin's Dragon starter kits are large bundles of products including all the accessories, hardware and other bits you need to house a Rankins Dragon. The contents of each kit vary but in our Swell kits, you’ll at least receive a wooden vivarium, heating lamp, UVB lamp and substrate.

We do not sell any kits that include a live Rankin's Dragon as we are unable to sell livestock through our website. However, we do allow customers to adopt animals at our physical retail Swell Superstore. At the store, you will be interviewed and asked to provide an image of the enclosure your pet will be kept in before we allow you to adopt. You can find out more about our Rankins Dragon adoptions on our Rankin's Dragon livestock page.

Why should I buy Rankin's Dragon starter kits?

A Rankin's Dragon is a fantastic pet for any reptile keeper whether they are new to the hobby or very experienced. They are similar in temperament to many cats and dogs however they need considerably more work putting into their setup to make them comfortable. Our starter kits are great for this as they feature everything a Rankin's Dragon needs to feel at home. Starter kits are also a great use of a reptile keeping budget as they generally work out much cheaper than buying the items individually, perfect for saving a little extra cash.

What are the main types of Rankin's Dragon starter kits?

Our Rankin's Dragon starter kits can be broken into two groups; kits made by Swell and those made by other brands. The kits made by other brands often only feature items from that brand and may not contain everything you need for a Rankin's Dragon enclosure. Our Swell kits have been created by our reptile experts and feature items from many different brands to include everything you reptile could need. Our starter kits can be further broken into four tiers:

Bronze - These kits offer the bare minimum needed to care for a Rankin's Dragon. Generally, they need to be updated over time and some of the equipment included can be quite basic.

Silver - A great choice for new reptile keepers, silver kits include all you need to care for a Rankin's Dragon and are made up of mostly basic gear with a few advanced pieces. These kits have been specially designed by our reptile experts to make reptile keeping as easy as possible.

Gold - Gold kits are designed for reptile keepers who are looking for equipment and hardware that they can reuse for years to come. This kit is chocked full of high-quality gear that can be used across multiple enclosures.

Platinum - The ultimate Rankin's Dragon starter kits, platinum kits include the highest quality hardware and accessories. Our experts have chosen the items in this set to offer everything you need to make a spectacular habitat.

What should I look for?

Once you’ve decided between buying a Swell Rankin's Dragon kit or one from another manufacturer the only other consideration is budget. If you’re starting out you may find that you’re better off with a bronze or silver kit but at the same time, there’s nothing wrong with splashing out on a platinum kit.