Reptile Systems New Dawn UVI Flood

Brand new LED technology, ideal for plant growth and animal health

At a glance...
  • Combined technology LEDs for plant growth and UV output
  • 320° multi directional bulb rotation
  • 60 LED's in total
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Brand new innovative technology that brings a combination of LEDs to provide optimum plant growth as well as UV for your reptiles, making it ideal for forest set ups.

This compact New Dawn bulb provides 60 LEDs, 30 of which are providing UVB, 2 with UVA and 28 6500k LEDs, giving the perfect wavelength of high plant growth. The unique new way that this bulb is produced means that it can operate for up to 5 years before neeting replacing, still offering UVB through this time.

The UVI of this bulb depends on the distance it is being used, as with all UV bulbs, and is suitable for use between 20 - 80cm, offering a spectrum for species from all Ferguson Zones, from 1 to 4! It features the New Dawn rotational twist, meaning you can angle this 320° to get the perfect placement in your enclosure.

The bulb itself is only 13w, making it super energy efficient, and has very little impact on temperatures within the set up, meaning you can use on even the smallest nano set up without causing variations. The 60 LEDs are in rows that provide a 120° beam

At a glance:

  • 320° rotational angle, with a 120° beam
  • 60 LEDs, including UVA, UVB and 6500k
  • Energy efficient 13w bulb
  • 5 year lifespan
  • UVB transmitting quartz glass cover
20cm distance Zone 4, UVI 5.1
20 - 30cm distance Zone 3, UVI 5.1 - 3.3
30 - 50cm distance Zone 2, UVI 3.3 - 1.3
50 - 80cm distance Zone 1, UVI 0.5 - 1.3
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