Reptile Systems Tortoise Mix

A complete food for Tortoises and other herbivorous reptiles

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  • Complete Tortoise feed
  • Rich in fibre, with balanced nutrition values
  • Low in protein and fat
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Reptile Systems Tortoise Mix has been engineered as a complete feed for tortoises, rich in fibre, with balanced nutrition values, especially low contents of proteins and fats, and an optimum proportion of calcium and phosphor. This combination of flowers, mixed leaves and a complete diet food stick has been developed in conjunction with a top European tortoise breeder.

Reptile Systems Tortoise Mix is a great easy and effortless alternative to other tortoise feeding methods, such as collecting and growing weeds or store bought salad and fruit, which may be lacking in some of the important vitamins and minerals your tortoise needs to thrive.

How much food to feed?

Adult tortoises can be fed every day, however, six days a week would be healthier, as captive tortoises tend to be overfed. An amount of food that takes between five and twenty minutes to eat is a good guide.

For hatchlings and young animals you can divide this into two feeds, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, allowing enough basking time to aid with digestion.



Alfa-Alfa, Sunflower, Whole wheat, Rosehips, Corn leaves, Whole dandelion, Wheat germ, Hibiscus flowers, Echinacea, Apple, Spirulina, Calcium carbonate and Rosemary.


Crude Protein 14.5%, Crude Fat 3%, Crude Fibre 9%, Crude Ash 1.2%, Moisture 7%.

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