Swell Arboreal Branches

Realistic branches that will help encourage natural behaviours

At a glance...
  • Modular branches to can connect together
  • Max length of 57cm when fully connected
  • Perfect for arboreal species
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What are the Swell Arboreal Branches?

The Swell Arboreal Branches are realistic branches designed for your arboreal species to promote natural behaviours. They are made from a high quality resin that is non-toxic, safe and easy to clean and feature suction cups so that they can be easily connected to glass terrariums. The branches are also a modular design and either two or three of the pieces can be connected to meet your terrarium needs.

What are the benefits of the Swell Arboreal Branches?

  • Made from a high quality, non-toxic resin
  • Realistic design that promote natural behaviours
  • Suction cups that allow it to be easily placed on terrarium walls
  • Two or three of the branch modules can be connected to meet the terrarium needs

Are branches important for your reptiles?

Many captive species of reptiles do not get the correct amount of exercise and branches allow them to exercise and improve their strength by providing them with a challenging bit of terrain for them to climb on

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