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Zoo Med Arboreal Feeding Cup

Natural high feeding for aboreal species

At a glance...
  • Simple feeding cup for arboreal species
  • Easy to install suction cup
  • Replacement refill cups are available 
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What is the Zoo Med Arboreal Feeding Cup?

The Zoo Med Arboreal Feeding cup is a very easy to use feeding cup that suctions to glass terrariums for convenient natural feeding and the simple clear design blends well with any enclosure.

Key features:

  • Simple feeding cup with suction installation for glass enclosures
  • Removable cup for easy filling and cleaning
  • Replacement refill cups are available
  • Measures 10.5cm x 9cm x 5cm
  • Supports foraging instincts
  • Suction cup for easy installation in glass terrariums

The Zoo Med Arboreal Feeding Cup is perfect for many powdered arboreal foods but some of the ones we recommend would be the Pangea range of food, this ensures your reptile will receive the ideal levels of calcium for their bones while also getting high-quality protein for growth and reproduction.

What are the benefits of this feeding cup?

This easy-to-install and easy-to-clean arboreal feeding cup is ideal for geckos and similar arboreal species that enjoy a meal replacement powder diet. Simply mix up your chosen food and fill the cup, and then take out the cup to clean and replace as needed. 

Refill packs of 12 cups are also available when needed. This simple design is ideal for providing a natural high-feeding area, without taking up a lot of space. 

Why is a feeding cup recommended for my reptile?

It is recommended to always feed your reptile out of a cup or bowl, as they are more likely to refuse food if it is fed to them on the floor, as it can become dirty or covered in substrate, causing it to become unappealing. The Feeding Cup is a great way to separate their food from the rest of the enclosure, keeping the food safe, clean and appealing to them. Choosing this feeding cup that can be elevated can be very beneficial to your reptile as they will be given opportunity to use their natural foraging instincts when climbing to the feeding cup.

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