Zoo Med Feeding Platform

A natural and easy way for arboreal species to eat

At a glance...
  • Naturalistic feeding platform for arboreal species
  • Easy to install suction cup
  • Replacement refill cups are available 
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What is the Zoo Med Feeding Platform?

The Zoo Med Feeding Platform is the ideal way to provide a natural and easy way for arboreal species to eat, with a suction cup platform for them to sit and eat. The natural mushroom-like appearance won't create a harsh contrast with the set up of your terrarium, and will blend in with a rainforest enclosure perfectly. 

Key Features:

  • Naturalistic ledge with a removable feeding cup
  • Removable refillable cup, with optional replacements available as needed
  • Suction cup or screw mounting, for the perfect installation
  • Measures 17cm x 22cm x 5cm
  • Great for hassle free feeding.
  • Supports foraging instincts
  • Keeps food safe and appealing

What are the benefits of the platform?

The Zoo Med Feeding Platform comes with a suction cup and screws so it can be mounted on glass or screen terrariums easily. This mushroom-esque ledge includes a place for a removable cup in the centre, which can be taken out to be filled and cleaned with a reptile-safe cleaner as needed. There are also optional replacement refill cups available in a pack of 12. Having a removable cup is an extremely efficient part of the feeding platform as it is simple to remove and helps to create hassle free feeding. 

Why is a feeding platform recommended for my reptile?

It is recommended to never feed your reptile off the floor, as their food can become dirty, or end up covered in substrate. Reptiles may even refuse food if they find it unappealing after it has been sitting on the floor of their enclosure. A feeding platform is a great way to separate their food from the rest of the enclosure, keeping it safe and clean and appealing for them to eat. Choosing a feeding platform over a feeding bowl can also be very beneficial to your reptile as they have natural foraging instincts that can be utilised with climbing up to the platform.

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