Swell Frog Starter Kit - Silver

A high-quality juvenile and small frog care starter kit

At a glance...
  • A great starter kit for juvenile and small frogs care
  • Contains all the equipment needed
  • Complete with heating and decoration
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The Swell Frog Kit Silver comes with everything you need to simulate the natural environment for your pet frog, including an Exo Terra glass terrarium 45cm x 45cm x 30cm, and is also complete with heating and some decoration. These kits are suitable for many species of Frog, mainly small species of Dart Frogs, which is what they will be best for.

What in the Kit?

This Silver Frog kit includes an Exo Terra 45 x 45 x 30cm glass terrarium, with a low level UVB kit, the Arcadia ShadeDweller. This provides the smaller levels of UVB that the frogs will thrive from, whilst coming as an easy-to-use plug and play system that can be placed on top of the terrarium mesh. As Dart Frogs do not require a high temperature, we have not included an extra heat source, as room temperature, with the bit of added warmth from the UVB bulb should be sufficient. This can be checked with the thermometer included, so you can be sure that it is set up correctly.

We have included a spray bottle for maintaining the humidity, as well as easy to use dial hygrometer to monitor the humidity levels within the tank. For substrate we have included a coco brick, which just needs to be soaked in water to expand and provide fresh coco soil for the enclosure. There is a couple of plants and a branch, though these are really down to personal taste, and more will be required, especially to allow your frogs to use all the space within the terrarium. Why not see what other reptile decorations we offer, as well as ensuring that you have plenty of calcium supplements to ensure your dart frogs is in the best of health at all times. If you are looking for something a bit bigger, or designed more for larger frogs, why not have a look at our Frog Gold Kit, which comes with a 60cm x 45cm x 45cm glass terrarium.


At A Glance:

  • Glass terrarium 45 x 45 x 30cm
  • UV Lighting Kit
  • Thermometer and Hygrometer
  • Spray Bottle
  • Coco Substrate
  • Plant decoration

Items shown in image are not specific and are just a representation of this kits contents.

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