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Prices dropped in our January Sale + Get up to £12 extra OFF! - SEE CODE >

VivExotic Viva+ Medium Vivarium with Cabinet Black

The ideal medium black vivarium for Leopard geckos

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At a glance...
  • Medium black vivarium with cabinet for Leopard Geckos
  • Easy to assemble flat-packed kit
  • Built-in cabinet for food and hardware storage
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The VivExotic Viva+ Medium Vivarium with classic Black finish and cabinet is one of the most popular reptile vivariums ever made, and with good reason!

Its' light shades mean that it fits in beautifully with most home decor schemes, and its' medium size means that it is a comfortable and effective home for many desert reptiles, including juvenile bearded dragons and adult leopard geckos.

The Viva Plus is a much-upgraded version of VivExotic's incredibly successful range of vivariums, sporting superior ventilation along the length the of vivarium rails, as well as a fantastic cable-

Both the vivarium and the cabinet can easily be set up with just a screwdriver and some aquarium sealant for a more precise fit.

Made from a mixture or recycled timber and sustainable resources (verified by the Forest Stewardship Council Mark), these represent a bigger step towards an ecologically sustainable reptile hobby. Each vivarium also features toughened safety glass, making it difficult to shatter, and in the unlikely event it does, it forms small, blunt cubes rather than sharp long shards with a cutting edge, making it safer for both you and your reptile.

All Viva+ vivariums have pre-drilled sliding glass doors and a removable Slidestopper door plug to prevent unwanted reptile escapes. Alternatively an optional stainless steel door lock and key is available for greater security.

Part Dimensions
Vivarium L:86cm x D:49cm x H:43cm
Cabinet L:86.2cm x D:49cm x H:64.5cm
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