White Python Metal LED Clips

Metal fixtures for White Python modular LED lighting

At a glance...
  • Metal fixtures for modular LED lighting
  • Compatible with a variety of White Python hardware
  • Each pack contains 4 metal clips
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While less versatile, these White Python Metal LED Clips fix your White Python LED Lights to your vivarium or terrarium much more securely, ensuring they are always in the best position for lighting up your reptile and their environment.

While some like the magnetic strips for moving them around a little, other reptile owners often opt for the security brought by these solid metal clips, still allowing you to remove the LED's if you need too, but ensuring they won't come loose and land on your reptile!

Use one metal clip per LED strip unless you have large reptiles who may dislodge the strip in which case use two. In this pack there are 4x metal clips.

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