Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Chameleon Kit

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A great kit from Zoo Med, giving you all your need to get started with your Chameleon, complete with a ReptiBreeze enclosure, meaning you're ready to get going!


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Product Information

This is ideal for Old World Chameleons, such as Veils, Panthers and Jacksons. It comes complete with the medium ReptiBreeze Medium enclosure, measuring 40x40x76cm. This is plenty of room for dwarf species, or younger Chameleons.

There is also a tropical UVB and heat lighting Kit, along with a thermometer to accurately read the temperatures of the enclosure. There is also carpet to go on the base of the ReptiBreeze, and some decoration to get you started, includeing flexible hanging vine, ivy plants, and also sample packs of ZooMed Reptivite with D3, ReptiCalcium without D3 and ZooMed ReptiSafe Water Conditioner.

Kit includes:

  • Medium Reptibreeze Cage
  • Tropical UVB and Heat Lighting Kit
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Cage Carpet (5 gallon, 2 pack)
  • Flexible hanging vine
  • Congo Ivy plant
  • sample packs of Reptivite with D3, ReptiCalcium without D3 and ReptiSafe Water Conditioner.

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    Date 26/12/2016 01:12am
    Zoo Med Chameleon Kit
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    The kit arrived with everything I needed to get my wife started with her first chameleon great!