Arcadia Basking Solar Flood

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Use this Arcadia Basking Solar Flood lamp to give your reptile the feeling and benefit of natural sunlight. A powerful UVA lighting unit, it helps simulate the sunlight your reptile would receive in the wild, helping them feel more at home and giving them some or all of the heat they need to thermo-regulate for health and happiness.


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Product Information

You can use an Arcadia Basking Solar Flood light to give your reptile a vital dose of UVA light and heat from a more natural source, and for less when you buy from Swell Reptiles.

With a standard screw (E27) fitting, these Arcadia Basking Solar Flood Lamps are designed to shine out powerful UVA rays into your reptile's home to increase the ambient temperature in their vivarium or terrarium to achieve your specific reptile's optimum temperature for thermos-regulation, helping to keep them healthy and happy in an environment that feels more like home.

Replicating the warming rays of the sun, they can be used with an On/Off or Dimming Thermostat to carefully and accurately maintain the perfect daytime temperature for your reptile, and each lamp is best used in conjunction with an appropriate UVB bulb or strip light to give them the essential dose of UVB they need for strong bones.

It uses Infra-red heat to warm your reptile, and UVA light to help their colour vision and bring the best out of their natural colours, making a great display of your reptile and its' happy habitat.

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    Date 25/03/2018 09:03am
    Arcadia Basking Solar Flood 50w
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    Perfect for the job and arrived swiftly
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    Date 15/02/2018 14:02pm
    Arcadia Basking Solar Flood 75w
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    The chap I spoke to gave me an alternative bulb to buy incase this wasn’t correct for my set up but I went with his recommendation to try this and it’s really good
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    Date 01/12/2017 18:12pm
    Arcadia Basking Solar Flood 75w
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    Good value for money £££££