Arcadia Complete UV Light Kit: Desert Reptiles

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The Arcadia Complete UV Lighting Kit contains everything you need to deliver the correct level of UV light to your reptile. The set includes a top of the range UV light T5 tube, controller and reflector. This size is designed for a two foot setup and the 24w tube provides 12% UVB which is ideal for desert reptiles such as bearded dragons, Uromastyx and agamas.


  • Complete UV Light Kit: Desert T5 24w 22 inch
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  • Complete UV Light Kit: Desert T5 39w 34 inch Sale
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  • Complete UV Light Kit: Desert T5 54w 46 inch Sale
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Product Information

A collaboration between Swell Reptiles and Arcadia, we've put together these fantastic Arcadia Complete UV Light Kits for desert reptiles to make caring for your reptile's UVA & UVB needs even easier, with kits measured out to take care of desert reptiles in a variety of alternatively sized reptile vivariums.

Desert reptiles need around 10% to 12% to correctly synthesise Vitamin D3, used to assimilate calcium into their bodies which is used to make up their bones and joints! Without it, they can develop problems with their bones, even leading to Metabolic Bone Disease, and while in captivity, you need to give them this UV light in lieu of the sunlight they would receive in the wild.

This Arcadia Complete UV Light Unit contains everything you need to give your reptile this important UV light, at a more affordable price when bought together. Each complete UV kit includes:

  • An Arcadia 12% UB T5 Fluorescent Tube - Perfect for your desert reptile
  • An Arcadia T5 Reflector - directs more of the light from your tube towards your reptile!
  • An Arcadia T5 Controller - Use this to power up your lights and switch them on and off
  • Appropriate clips and fittings

Perfect for desert reptiles like Bearded Dragons and Uromastyx, these kits come in 3 different sizes to fit 3 different standard vivarium sizes - the most common captive reptile homes for desert species, each ensuring that the entire length of your vivarium gets a healthy dose of UV light for your pet.

Minimum INTERNAL dimensions required:

  • 24w UV kit for 24" Vivarium (22" tube plus end caps)
  • 39w UV kit for 36" Vivarium (34" tube plus end caps)
  • 54w UV kit for 48" Vivarium (46" tube plus end caps)

Each unit uses T5 lighting, brighter and more energy efficient than T8 lighting, making this an even better deal!

Getting the right kit of your reptiles can be confusing, but if you have a desert reptile like a Beardie or Uromastyx, and a vivarium with the specifications as above, you can't go wrong with this kit.

If you want any more advice about different reptile species and their UV needs, then give us a call on 0161 351 4700 - we are happy to help point you in the right direction!

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