Arcadia EarthPro-Ca

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Another installment in Arcadias new range - EarthPro-Ca. This is a natural Calcium Powder, an essential item for any reptile keeper.


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Product Information

This supplement is designed as part of the EarthPro range, and can be used alongside the EarthPro-A range, as well as the Insect Fuel, all adding to the health and stability of your pets.

Using a fine grade of calcium powder, this supplement is ideal for easy digestion and absorption of the optimum Calcium levels required. This will allow your pet to grow properly by supporting bone growth and development, as well as helping to improve organ function.

Coming in two pack sizes, this is the perfect supplement to keep your pet happy and healthy, and is ideally used as part of the EarthPro range to keep pets in top condition.

Product Information:

  • Fine grade and easy to digest
  • Aides strong bones and organ function
  • Can be used alongside the entire EarthPro Range

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