Arcadia HO T5 14% UVB Dragon Lamp

A powerful T5 UVB bulb for sun-loving species

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  • Powerful T5 bulb for UVB loving species
  • Very powerful 14% UVB output
  • Available in a range of Wattages
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The most powerful UVB bulb on the market, this 14% T5 tube is designed for high end UVB output, suitable for high UV output species such as Uromastyx, Agamids, African Tortoises, Iguanas and Ackie monitors.

These species need a higher UV Index level, and these bulbs produced a better level than any other available. As typically required, these bulbs should be around 18-24" from the animal when used with a reflector, but can be closer if used without a reflector.

Please be aware, that these should not be within a 12" inches of an animal if used with a reflector, as this can be dangerous. Used in an arboreal vivarium, where a pet can move further from the range, this wont be a problem.

This is a bright lamp with a 8k kelvin colour, meaning your pet is visible in a pure light without any fake tinting, and will also help with live plants, creating a great natural environment.

Don't forget to protect your lights and pets with an Arcadia Lamp Guard Pro.

Product Length Diameter Lumens Kelvin kWh/1000h
T5 Dragon Lamp 14% UVB 24w 22" / 550mm T5 Ø16mm 850lm 8000K 26
T5 Dragon Lamp 14% UVB 39w 34" / 850mm T5 Ø16mm 1600lm 8000K 44
T5 Dragon Lamp 14% UVB 54w 46" / 1150mm T5 Ø16mm 2400lm 8000K 60
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