Arcadia LumenIZE Jungle Dawn LED Bar

First ever app-controlled dimmable T5 UVB Lamp

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  • Bluetooth enabled, compatible with LumenIZE app
  • Produces necessary lighting for your pets enclosure
  • Save up to an average of 30% in energy consumption!
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What is the LumenIZE Jungle Dawn LED Bar?

Available in 5 different sizes, the LumenIZE Jungle Dawn LED Bar range is the worlds first ever app-controlled dimmable T5 Lamp. Available in a variety of different sizes, the LumenIZE Jungle Dawn LED Bar range is an energy efficient line-up of bespoke Reptile lighting equipment. Manufactured by Arcadia, the LumenIZE is part of a well-established and trusted brand of Reptile specific products. Known all over the world, the Jungle Dawn LED Bar range provides smooth energy, with its wild simulation of Dawn until Dusk cycles. You can rely on the LumenIZE Jungle Dawn LED bar to provide unparalleled plant grown results, brightening your enclosure.

Key Features

  • First app-controlled dimmable T5 Lamp
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Water Resistant
  • Control up to 50 different lamps via the app
  • Average 30% energy savings
  • Internal memory battery

How do you use the LumenIZE Jungle Dawn LED Bar?

The LumenIZE Jungle Dawn LED Bar is a revolutionary lighting system designed for Reptile enclosures and for plant-life. LumenIZEs range of Jungle Dawn LED Bar lights offer precise control via the LumenIZE app, available for both iOS and Android. It is important to consider the wellbeing of your plants and live-stock, providing them with the most beneficial LED Lighting system.

Plants require energy to photosynthesise. Therefore, the LumenIZE Jungle Dawn LED Bar will provide the necessary energy required. Featuring an enhanced spectrum and output of the LED diodes, this will create an even more accurate and brighter lamp, this means more PAR below the lamp.

What does PAR refer to?

PAR stands for Photosynthetic Active Radiation, which is the measurement used to quantify and describe the amount of energy that is produced by a light source. PAR levels are increased by two elements within lighting.

  • 1. Quantity of light (Lumen/lux)
  • 2. Accuracy of the spectrum

If a lamp produces light within a spectrum that is close to that of natural sunlight and has a high lumen output, it will have a high level of PAR. The higher the PAR, the more energy there is to cause photosynthesis. In turn this will benefit your plant-life, therefore replicating a natural sunlight environment. You can control the lighting to further the realism enabling Dawn until Dusk cycles.

Recommended operating of the LumenIZE Jungle Dawn LED Bar

The LumenIZE Jungle Dawn LED Bar stores your personalised programming within each lamp. Your preferences are then backed up with a small exchangeable battery. If a power cut happens, the memory within each bar is maintained. When the power is restored, the lamp will illuminate as normal.

Kindly note: if a lamp is unplugged and unused, the battery will still run and may drain. Batteries can be replaced by following the instructions provided.

IP65 screw in power cable and link cable has been designed to offer even more protection from water and humidity ingress. LumenIZE class their range of LED Light cables as water resistant, therefore can be sensibly used around sprayers, humidifiers and rain systems. Be mindful where the product is installed, you cannot place rain or fogging devices directly over the power cable.

It is recommended each month to open the app and hold full power to refresh your lighting equipment. The battery lasts for up to 3 years and can be replaced using the instructions provided.

Control multiple lamps and use link cables

Link cables are available as an optional extra for the LumenIZE lighting range. The App can support up to 50 different lamps per device, each with its own personalised programming.

Linking the Jungle Dawn LED bar to the LumenIZE ProT5 kit (sold separately) will allow you to control both via the app.


Product Specifications

Model Product dimensions Wattage
RARLJ1 290mm / 12 18w
RARLJ2 470mm / 19 24w
RARLJ3 570mm / 23 39w
RARLJ4 870mm / 35" 54w
RARLJ5 1240mm / 48 80w
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