Arcadia Terrarium Poly-Filter

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Terrariums need to be secure around the corners to ensure against leaks and the best way to do it is with this Arcadia Terrarium Poly-Filter - with no nasty chemicals to leach into your terrarium water.


  • Terrarium Poly-Filter
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Product Information

If you keep aquatic turtles or terrapins, you need to keep your water clear of nitrates and ammonia and a perfect filter for this is the Arcadia Terrarium Poly-Filter. It doesn't even have to be used in a proper aquarium filter it can just be cut and put into a regular terrarium.


Arcadia Terrarium Poly-Filter is a great way of achieving the best water quality for your aquatic turtle or terrapins.

Poly-Filter will removes all these chemicals from your terrarium water:

  • Proteins and amino acids
  • Nitrite, nitrate and ammonia
  • Phosphates
  • Toxic Metals

Many chemicals will build up in your terrarium, and many more are present in tap water, that's why the pad in this Terrarium Polly Filter is designed to adsorb pollutants and makes water healthier and safer, helping to also break down phosphates which will otherwise cause algae in your turtle's tank.

Toxins such as ammonia can cause eye, skin and shell irritations in captive turtles, and the polyfilter is great for breaking them down too.

In smaller environments, simply cut a small piece and place it in the water, allowing it to soak up unwanted chemicals. When it needs replacing it will turn black.

Size: 20cm x 10cm

At a glance:

  • Can be used in any aquatic terrarium.
  • Battles nitrite, nitrate, and ammonia.
  • Removes phosphates and toxic metals.
  • Removes proteins and amino acids.
  • Can be used in a filter or a tank.

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