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  • Feeder for BiOrb Earth 125 terrariums
  • Perfect size for holding a full feed
  • Purpose built for the BiOrb Earth 125 making set up easy
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This is a must-have for anyone with a BiOrb Earth 125, it makes feeding so simple.

What is the BiOrb Earth Feeder?

The BiOrb Earth Feeder is an automatic feeder for your BiOrb Earth 125 terrarium. The plastic chamber can hold enough dry food for a full reptile feed for as long as you need it to and then dispense the food either automatically or manually. Designed specifically as one of the BiOrb Earth 125 smart terrarium's accessories, this feeder is very easy to install and use.

Why should I buy a BiOrb Earth Feeder?

If you’ve ever had to leave a party early or cancel plans to feed your pets, you’ll understand just how revolutionary the BiOrb Earth Feeder is. By allowing you to automatically feed your animals it frees you up to both maintain a regular feeding pattern and social life. The feeder is easy to clean and the BiOrb Earth 125 can even hold two at a time, allowing you to set up two feeds with ease.

Can I use the BiOrb Earth Feeder in a BiOrb Aquarium?

No, the BiOrb Earth Feeder is designed solely for use with the BiOrb Earth 125 terrarium. This accessory will not work with any other BiOrb product, including the BiOrb aquarium range and the BiOrb Air range. This feeder is also incompatible with third-party terrariums and aquariums. The feeder is designed for use with amphibians and other terrestrial creatures so it shouldn't be used to feed fish.

How do I use the Feeder?

Simply measure out the feed you wish to use and place it in the feeder while ensuring the feeder is closed. We recommend avoiding wet food as it is more likely to cause a blockage during feeding. Once the BiOrb Earth Feeder is full, remove the feeding cap from the top of your BiOrb Earth 125 and replace it with the BiOrb Earth Feeder. Next set up the feed using the BiOrb Earth companion app and you’re good to go.





Suitable for?

BiOrb Earth 125

Suitable feeds

Dry food

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