Euro Rep Spot Lamp Fitting (ES)

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Connect up screw fitting lamps to your reptile lighting system with this Euro Rep Spot Lamp Fitting (ES). Designed to be extra safe for use with pets, it comes at a great price from Swell Reptiles


  • Spotlamp Fitting (Screw Fitting)
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Product Information

The Euro Rep Spot Lamp Fitting is a reptile lighting pendant fitting for use with all screw-fit (E27) spot lamps, great for smaller heat lamps and compact UV lamps to keep you reptiles warm and dosed up with essential UV light for skeletal growth.

Complete with a 3-pin plug and 2 metres of cable for easy positioning, this plastic lamp can handle UV and non-ceramic heat lamps up to 150w (although because this is a plastic lamp fitting, less is advised).

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