Exo Terra Aquatize

A great dechlorinating treatment for your tap water

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  • Terrarium water conditioner
  • Contains plant extracts for developing a healthy slime layer
  • Use straight away before adding water to your terrarium
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For most people, the water in their terrariums and vivariums comes from the tap, however without something like Exo Terra Aquatize, this can be harmful for your reptiles, including Bearded dragons and Crested geckos.

Tap water in the UK features a range of potentially harmful chemicals that your reptiles are unable to deal with, from Chloramine to Chlorine, but you can get rid of them with Exo Terra Aquatize - an effective water treatment for reptiles.

As an added bonus, it also contains plant extracts which helps amphibians and fish to develop a healthy slime layer on their bodies to protect them, as well as oils that help terrestrial reptiles with their shedding and the development of scales and skin.

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