Exo Terra Forest Canopy LED 8W

Self-ballasted and screw-based forest canopy light

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  • 6500K canopy light bulb that simulates sunlight conditions in tropical rainforests
  • Energy-efficient plant growth LED
  • Ideal light source for bio-active planted terrariums
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What is the Exo Terra Forest Canopy LED 8W?

The Exo Terra Forest Canopy LED 8W is a specially designed bulb that is ideal for use in bioactive planted terrariums. Thanks to the bulb's ES screw fitting, it just needs to be screwed in and you'll be good to go. The bulb can then be pivoted up to 300 degrees, shedding light exactly where you want it in your terrarium. This bulb specifically recreates the sunlight found in the leafy canopy of the rainforest, making it ideal for reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates.

What are the benefits of the Exo Terra Forest Canopy LED 8W?

The Exo Terra Forest Canopy LED 8W bulb is extremely energy-efficient and will easily outlast traditional terrarium bulbs. More importantly, the bulb recreates the natural light quality found in your pet's natural habitat, making it key to the success of your terrarium.

Why do reptiles need light similar to their native habitat?

The right lighting is proven to lower the stress levels of your pet as it helps to make them feel at home, putting them at ease and lowering the chance of stress-induced diseases. Plus, with the right lighting your reptile's, amphibian's and invertebrate's colouration will improve and enhance until it becomes bright and dazzling.

How long will the Exo Terra Forest Canopy LED 8W last?

Exo Terra Forest Canopy LED 8W bulbs have a lifespan of around 50,000 hours. This means that, even if you run the bulb every single day, it should last for plenty of time without needing to be replaced.




Material Plastic
Suitable for Exo Terra Dart Frog Terrarium, Exo Terra Tree Frog Terrarium and any holder/canopy top unit
Adjustable? 300-degree twist
Power 8W
Light type 6500K canopy sunlight LED
Fitting ES screw
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