Exo Terra Turtle Heater

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Turtles need to have their water temperature as perfect as possible, and you can achieve this slightly higher temperature using an Exo Terra Turtle Heater, bought at the best prices here at Swell Reptiles.


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Product Information

Providing your turtle with heated water to simulate their much warmer natural environment requires a specialist heater, like this Exo Terra Turtle Heater, designed specifically for doing just that!

This tubular reptile heater is self-regulated and automatic, pre-set to keep your turtle terrarium water at a pleasant 25°C, just above room temperature for your turtle who will have evolved from warmer climates.

Completely waterproof and submersible, it features an inbuilt thermostat that monitors the temperature of your water and adjusts the heater output accordingly to consistently achieve the right temperature.

There are 3 different models to choose from depending on the volume of water you need to heat:


  • 25w: max 38 Litres
  • 50w: max 75 Litres
  • 75w: max 100 Litres

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