F10 Aerosol Disinfectant

A quick way to disinfect surfaces and enclosures

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  • An aerosol, reptile-safe disinfectant
  • Suitable for most reptiles and exotic pets
  • Pre-diluted and ready to use
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A really fast way to clean and sanitise surfaces for your exotic pet, both inside their enclosure and outside.

What is F10 Aerosol Disinfectant?

F10 aerosol disinfectant is a version of F10's popular disinfectant that has been stored as a vapour in an aerosol can. This means that it can be used faster and in difficult-to-reach places that need cleaning. Reptile keepers often need to use disinfectant to get rid of pathogens, such as bacterial and fungal spores, to sanitise equipment or to clean surfaces after reptile handling. This aerosol disinfectant comes in a 500ml canister and should be stored in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.

How do you use this disinfectant aerosol?

The disinfectant aerosol comes ready to use. While it is human and reptile safe, we recommend spraying it away from your face and moving any reptiles away from the area you are about to spray. We also do not recommend using it on any invertebrates or hatchlings which are more sensitive to aerosol sprays. If your animal looks uncomfortable or stressed, stop the treatment immediately and check with your vet to ensure this spray is right for you.



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