F10 Hand Gel

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Ensure your hands are clean and clear of scents and germs before and after handling your reptiles, keeping bacteria away from other people and reptiles, and stopping them from spreading.


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Product Information

Hygiene is important in the handling and keeping of reptiles, as without a product like F10 Hand Gel, bacteria and disease can easily be passed from reptile to reptile during consecutive handling, as well as from you to your reptile or your reptile to you.

Keep everyone, including your reptiles safer with F10 Hand Gel - its antibacterial formula kills off most strains of fungi, bacteria, yeast and mould, denying cross contamination between reptiles in separate enclosures when you use it between handling and stopping you from picked up things like salmonella from your reps.

You only need to use about 1ml on your hands to decontaminate them, and it can be kept in your reptile room as it doesn't require a sink.

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