HabiStat Disinfectant Foam Cleaner Concentrate

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This foam cleaner is a concentrated formula that is designed to be diluted at home, making this long lasting. This is easy to mix and can be made up fresh as and when required, making it ideal for intense cleaning or large volumes.


  • Disinfectant Foam Cleaner Concentrate 250ml
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Product Information

This disinfectant forms a dense white foam, and is suitable on any washable surfaces when mixed at the recommended rates. The foam action means that you can see the foam, and therefore see exactly where has been cleaned, from the foam build up that remains until cleaned off.

This is a broad spectrum disinfectant, and will be effective against pathogenic bacteria, fungi, moulds and yeast as well. It won't cause any discolouring, and is also chlorine free, as well as being food safe, so is great for cleaning water and food bowls.

A highly effective non-toxic and non-corrosive cleaner, this is ideally mixed at rates of 1:250 with water, measuring out to 2ml per 500ml of water in a standard spray bottle, or 20ml per 5 litres if cleaning large volumes. Ideally it should be applied to surfaces and left to soak for at least 10 minutes, allowing adequate contact time. It should then be rinsed thoroughly with water.

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